Daisy Birthstone Pendant Necklace

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Gorgeous birthstone daisy pendant necklace in sterling silver. The birthstone is set in a dainty gold plated ring. Comes with a 16" sterling silver chain with a 2" extender.

January - Garnet = Confidence, Protection, Willpower

February - Amethyst = Sincerity, Courage, Wisdom

March - Blue topaz = Courage, Happiness, Serenity

April - White topaz = Purity, Innocence, Strength 

May - Emerald = Love, Success, Fertility 

June - Moonstone = Vitality, Beauty, Love

July - Ruby = Passion, Devotion, Energy

August - Peridot = Serenity, Trust, Kindness

September - Sapphire = Wisdom, Truth, Loyalty

October - Opal = Hope, Purity, Creativity

November - Citrine = Integrity, Joy, Prosperity 

December - Turquoise = Wisdom, Honesty, Friendship

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